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Introducing "Earl"

Earl, our heavy recovery build, continues to amaze us with it's capacity to crawl and recover like no other. To watch Earl conquer Rock Face click here.


Another recovery vehicle is currently in the works. "El Green Glo" will be making it's grand debut soon! Cross Bar is thrilled to have had, an aftermarket online off-road retailer for Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra parts and accessories, reach out to us and provided a Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper.  As the build continues, we will be sharing pictures.  Check out their website for your own build or their Youtube channel for great ideas.  We were extremely impressed with their fast shipping and customer service to ensure it would work for El Green Glo.  


Thank you Extreme Terrain!


Cross Bar Hosts ULTRA4 Nationals

We are excited to announce the venue change from Reno, NV to Davis, OK (Cross Bar Ranch) for the 2021 ULTRA4 Nationals. 


Nationals will be held on the same weekend as originally scheduled (October 15 & 16, 2021), but now in Davis, Oklahoma, at Cross Bar Ranch. The course will continue to challenge all classes with multiple obstacles to really test man and machine for the 2021 Nationals Points Championship and the live coverage will continue to expand and evolve.


There will be more specific information to come regarding camping and a detailed schedule. Continue to refer to the Nationals race page ( which will be updated with relevant information as it becomes available. ULTRA4 will be doing full live coverage at as well as on YouTube, Facebook, and Ultra4TV, celebrating our drivers and bringing the race into households all across the world with the expanded regional race production team.


Turner Falls Access

 Update regarding Rules for visiting Turner Falls from Cross Bar

Anyone wanting to visit Turner Falls from Cross Bar must purchase a wristband to enter.  The special "Combo" ticket price is $30 per person, per day ($15 each park).  You can either purchase them from our Low Water Office (Friday- Sunday) or drive to Turner Falls Headquarters.  All will display expiration dates.

Parking: Saturday/Sunday & holiday: Parking on Level 1 or 2 will cost an additional flat rate of $15 per vehicle. The parking wrist band must be displayed on the driver side front role cage down tube for UTV's or Driver side Mirror for Jeeps or Trucks.

Level 3 is free parking and there is a shuttle to bring you down to the other levels.

During the week, parking is free on all levels.


Important: Turner Falls does not have any offroad trails so you must stay on their maintained city roads (no driving on hiking or bicycle trails). Dirt bikes must meet DOT street operation requirements and unfortunately, NO quads or pets are allowed into Turner Falls.


For additional questions and the rules regarding Turner Falls, please contact them directly.

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