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Turner Falls Access

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Update regarding Rules for visiting Turner Falls from Cross Bar

Anyone wanting to visit Turner Falls from Cross Bar must purchase a wristband to enter. The special "Combo" ticket price is $30 per person, per day ($15 each park). You can either purchase them from our Low Water Office (Friday- Sunday) or drive to Turner Falls Headquarters. All will display expiration dates.

Parking: Saturday/Sunday & holiday: Parking on Level 1 or 2 will cost an additional flat rate of $15 per vehicle. The parking wrist band must be displayed on the driver side front role cage down tube for UTV's or Driver side Mirror for Jeeps or Trucks.

Level 3 is free parking and there is a shuttle to bring you down to the other levels.

During the week, parking is free on all levels.

Important: Turner Falls does not have a

ny offroad trails so you must stay on their maintained city roads (no driving on hiking or bicycle trails). Dirt bikes must meet DOT street operation requirements and unfortunately, NO quads or pets are allowed into Turner Falls.

For additional questions and the rules regarding Turner Falls, please contact them directly.

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