1. Everyone entering Cross Bar must sign a Waiver once a year and agree to these rules. Violation of these rules are grounds for removal from the park.

  2. 20 MPH speed limit on main roads, 10 MPH in all camp site areas.

  3. Do NOT do donuts on Main Road especially near camping. You have 6500 acres to do that in.

  4. No drinking alcohol while operating motorized vehicle.

  5. Pack In, Pack out. Do Not throw cans or trash on trails.

  6. No glass containers are allowed. 

  7. Do NOT litter in campsites or place non burnables into fires (bottles, aluminum cans etc.) Pick up all trash and debris from your area, remove all personal property and put into garbage can or dumpster. $180 fine Per City of Davis Ordinance. 

  8. All firearms (rifles, shotguns and hand guns) are prohibited. No hunting.

  9. Respect the other riders and pass with caution.

  10. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times unless at campsites.

  11. Pets are allowed with sole responsibility of owner.

  12. Fires are permitted as long as they are attended. You are responsible for any damage to ranch or other private property.

  13. Be respectful with noise level in all camping areas. Do not blare music to disturb others.

  14. Check out time for RV sites is 11:00 am. You are required to move your RV off the camp site in order to continue to ride that day.

  15. No fighting, boisterous behavior or public nudity

  16. Do NOT enter into Private Property

RV Dump Station with a water spigot located in the Main Camp area.   

To reserve, hit "Click to Book" buttons below. If you need assistance, please call or text 580-247-7244 between 9 am- 5 pm


Pricing for every day of riding.  ** Excludes Special Events **

• $20 per Person per Day age 16 and up. 

• $10 per Person per Day age 10-15 years.  

Free for kids 9 and under. Every day.

Book online, use cash drop box at check-in or pay at Low Water Check-In Office Friday - Sunday.

If camping, be sure to purchase these per person per day.


Requires a reservation.  28 Concrete pads that provide water and electric (30 and 50 amp), picnic table and charcoal grill. Two different RV Campgrounds: Main Camp and Well Camp.  *Some have splitters so do not remove from spigot.

$35 per day.  


***2 Nights required for weekends and holidays.


***Different rates apply for special events.


This does not include the General Admission fee.

 Check out by 11:00 am.​​


RV with or without a generator. We have unlimited spaces as they are anywhere you find a spot you like as long as it isn't bothering other campers.  No reservations required.  You can fill water tanks at Dump Station.

$15 per day per RV.   No minimum days required.


This does not include the General Admission fee.

Book online or pay at Low Water Office .  After hours use cash drop box at the office.


Come boondock it out in the sticks. If you can wheel there you can camp there (except in unauthorized areas). Unlimited spots.

$10 per day per tent.  No minimum days required.


This does not include the General Admission fee.

Book online or pay at Low Water Office.​​ After hours, use cash drop box at the office.


We have one primitive bunk house with 2 queens and a twin bed. AC/Heater, table, small fridge, microwave, toaster oven and most importantly a k-cup style coffee machine (bring your own supplies). There is a water spigot and port-a-potty next to it. No running water inside as of yet. Parking on right side only.

• $125 per Day for the Bunk House plus a one time cleaning fee of $25.

This does not include the General Admission fee.

Call for reservations.


Three RV spots with 50 amp and shared water spigot next to the Bunk House. Does not have a level pad. Parking on left side of Bunk House only.

• $35 per Day.   ***2 nights required for Weekends

This does not include the General Admission fee.

Call for availability.