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IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DIAL 911.  If possible, please inform us too by call/text.


  1. Everyone entering Cross Bar must sign a Waiver once a year and agree to these rules. Violation of these rules are grounds for removal from the park.

  2. 20 MPH speed limit on Main Road, 10 MPH in all camp site areas. (Brown Trail on the Map.)

  3. No Donuts nor Fishtails on Main Road especially near camping. You have 6500 acres to do that in.

  4. No drinking alcohol while operating motorized vehicle.

  5. One RV per site-Do NOT hook another RV into the electrical outlet or you will be fined!

  6. Pack In, Pack out. Do Not throw cans or trash on trails.

  7. No glass containers are allowed. 

  8. Do NOT litter in campsites or place non burnables into fires (bottles, aluminum cans etc.) Pick up all trash and debris from your area, remove all personal property and put into garbage can or dumpster. $180 fine Per City of Davis Ordinance. 

  9. All firearms (rifles, shotguns and hand guns) are prohibited. No hunting.

  10. Respect the other riders and pass with caution.

  11. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times unless at campsites.

  12. Pets are allowed with sole responsibility of owner.

  13. Fires are permitted as long as they are attended. You are responsible for any damage to ranch or other private property.

  14. Quiet hours in the campsites starts at 11:00 pm. Please inform us of violators.

  15. Check out time for RV sites is 11:00 am. You are required to move your RV off the camp site in order to continue to ride that day.

  16. No fighting, boisterous behavior or public nudity

  17. Do NOT enter into Private Property

  18. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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